Horror / Versek (650 katt) PomyCollingwood

You can grieve, it’s All Hallows Eve
The Dead will walk & dance
Watch and learn, the grass will burn
On the other side of the fence
You wanted it, didn’t you? - Do what you gotta do
Feel free to act in your defense

Are you still here? Does it look queer?
Or did you finally accept
That things can get ugly, no point smiling smugly
It’s always you who’s upset
You live in a bubble, only your talk’s double
Your boredom’s that gets you fat

So, go to sleep, it’s too steep
For you to understand
Cops on the beats, tricks & treats
Things’ve gone outta hand
But tonight, you bottle up your life
So let others be on the mend
… just don’t demand! Not a thing, we all have our ghosts;
and they won’t leave. I tell you somethin’:
they all get together to haunt you…
on All Hallows Eve

Pomy Collingwood ( 2014 )

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