Echoes of the Mirror

Szépirodalom / Versek (1001 katt) TharBael

At morning You start staring
An Image has the shape
Of Your Own face...

At evening You couldn't recognize
The other side of this
Illusional Mirror...

Day after Day is the same
For this piece of glass...
For You and Me!

Year after Year...
The mirror keeps secrets
As many as the dying breaths!

And in your deepest depression
At lonely nights of grief
You can hear these crying sounds
Echoes coming from your beleives

The Echoes of your Soul-Mirror
Come to justify You!

The memories of your inner-hell
Ready to purge and start a flame!

In a world there is no morning or evening
Where your mirror can be placed in?
What will suck Your memories
What will hold the lies?

Where can you cry
and practice to smile?

See yourself from now on
In the eyes of

Do not want to be a betrayer
Or be deceived and betrayed
Love others

Everyone will be in love
But everybody will die!


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