A jövő útjai / Versek (653 katt) PomyCollingwood

All the way, every day and even every second
Something happens that interferes with one
Will it pay to stay the same person ‘til the end?
No one knows until the last chance to take it back is gone

Forever it will be lost in the misty, uncertain past
Something happened that interfered with all
People kill, judges demand unearthed rusty evidence
Evolutionary chain-reaction pulls lives towards the crash-test wall

Questions arise in a healthy mind, answers are declined
Something’s happening and is interfering with thee
Is it really there? Feel it? Can’t put your finger on it
D’ya care? Are you bothered? Well, you ought to be…

‘Cos forever we will be lost in the dusty, uncertain past
Nature will interfere with the bodies under the rubble
However we could learn from post-event, if we want
To avoid the impact our species had before to become double

Pomy Collingwood ( 2014 )

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